Year-on-year superyacht activity

Year-on-year superyacht activity

There have been many requests, both from the industry and the broader mainstream media, for an accurate picture of how superyachts have been positioned in the midst of the Coronavirus crisis, and the profound restrictions on movement this has triggered around the world.

So, once again, we have teamed up with our migration data partner Marine Traffic to provide a brief snapshot of where transient superyachts were positioned within the Mediterranean on the same day in 2019 and 2020. This heatmap is from 21 April 2019 and 21 April 2020.

Contrary to speculation, the mass battening down of hatches that was predicted had not occurred by late-April. Yes, the number of active superyachts is down 16 per cent YoY. But when these figures are analysed in the context of the delivered fleet at the time, the number of active superyachts was 15 per cent of the fleet in 2019, only dropping marginally to 12 per cent a year later. This is hardly surprising, considering the restrictions placed on vessels returning from southern hemisphere seasons, the yacht transport sector, and the halting of operations at many of Europe’s refit yards.

While the fall in YoY activity is relatively negligible, it is immediately visible that the areas witnessing the largest decline in activity are the Med’s gateway and transiting point Gibraltar, southern Italy, Montenegro, the Greek islands, and western Turkey.

Also unsurprising is that the 60m-plus sector of the fleet is the least affected, YoY. These ocean-going, large-volume vessels with greater range and provisioning facilities, saw the smallest percentage decrease of our sectors of analysis. And, at the other end of the spectrum, it was the production sector that saw the largest drop. Although this was only two per cent greater than the overall figure.

Clearly then, while the world’s most profound restrictions on movement in a lifetime have impacted superyacht activity in the Med this spring, it has not been to the degree that naysayers had predicted.

Thanks to Marine Traffic, the provider of this data, in partnership with The Superyacht Agency’s Intelligence division.

*All figures accurate to the nearest whole number.

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